Water animates us, allows us to live. Planet Earth is made up of more than 70% of water. Because our body is more than 60% of it, we are vitally linked to this element. We are intimately connected to this element that brings us peace, health, life. This connection between the body and the water is at the heart of Be Water’s activity.


For water is a medium that makes it possible to calm down: with its purifying virtues, benefactors, we let ourselves go there. The lightness of the body in the water offers a floating space conducive to well-being.


Be Water offers this connection between body and water through swimming, yoga and water pilates classes. For baby swimmers, children or adults, swimming lessons are open to all and adapted to each level. Pilates and yoga classes are given in water and on earth, to be comfortable in each element.


The objective of Be Water is to pass on the water’s ease of movement but above all to facilitate the relaxation of the body.